Shareholder and IR Policy

The basis for the shareholder policy adopted by the Board of Directors is for the group’s extensive range of activities to be managed and conducted in such a way as to focus on creating long-term value for shareholders in Oslo Børs VPS Holding. The Board of Oslo Børs VPS Holding also fully recognises the role that the group’s activities play for Norwegian business and industry and the social responsibility that this represents. The Board believes that fulfilling this role will represent little restriction to the objective of creating long-term value for shareholders in Oslo Børs VPS Holding.

In addition, the company will strive to meet the standards of best practice for:

  • The provision of information to shareholders
  • Equal treatment of all shareholders
  • Shareholder influence

Oslo Børs VPS Holding will seek to increase the group’s earnings through measures such as marketing to its customers as well as through product development, and measures to build confidence. As infrastructure operators, both Oslo Børs and Verdipapirsentralen are exposed to a high proportion of fixed costs that are not affected by changes in the level of activity in the market. The group therefore pays particular attention to managing its costs. The group’s capital structure and dividend policy will be evaluated on the basis of what is considered appropriate and desirable for its shareholders.

The Board of Directors of Oslo Børs VPS Holding ASA considers it to be in general appropriate that the major part of the group’s annual profit should be distributed as dividend. However, decisions on dividend payments must also take into account the need to maintain satisfactory levels of liquidity and solidity, including the effect of planned and possible investment on liquidity and solidity. Normally, dividend payments are distributed twice a year.

Oslo Børs VPS Holding ASA has elected to operate its information policy as though the company were stock exchange listed. All events or decisions that might be expected to have an effect on the price of the company’s shares will be published immediately. The company has also elected to publish quarterly interim reports and will normally publish these reports in the month following the end of each quarter. Presentations of the 2nd and 4th quarter interim reports are held at the offices of Oslo Børs and are open to all. Members of the Board of Oslo Børs VPS Holding ASA and board members of all its subsidiaries, as well as members of the executive management team and the management teams for all subsidiaries, are classified as primary insiders and are required to give notice of any purchases and sales of shares in Oslo Børs VPS Holding.

Oslo Børs VPS Holding provides investor relations pages at and the information on these pages is regularly updated. The investor relations pages provide key operational figures which are updated monthly, financial information, information on primary insiders and other published information, shareholder information etc.

The company makes its senior management available for dialogue with investors, analysts and other interested parties. At these meetings, members of the senior management team will give a presentation of the group’s activities etc., but they will not disclose any information that is not already publicly available.

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