Annual Report 2017

Growth in Norwegian society

The Norwegian economy is growing well. Like their European counterparts, the Norwegian authorities are focusing on measures that contribute to business sector growth. The use of securities to finance small business growth is regarded as important for growth in society. Low-threshold services and incentives are therefore being introduced to facilitate this growth in both the EU and Norway. As a market operator, we have developed our marketplaces to meet this need.
CEO Bente A. Landsnes

Annual Accounts 2017

  • Operating revenues: MNOK 995
  • Operating costs: MNOK 548
  • Profit/-loss for the year: MNOK 357
  • Earnings per share: NOK 8,30

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Operational key figures

  • Number of new share issuers: 21
  • Average daily transactions: 100 500
  • Average daily turnover (NOK bln): 4,44
  • Settlement ratio VPS: 96,70 %
  • No. of trades settled: 13,0 mill

The Oslo Børs VPS share in 2017

Business description


The group has formulated its overall strategy with the objective of meeting the increasing competition faced by its core businesses.

Corporate governance

Corporate governance is important for Oslo Børs VPS as a central player in the infrastructure of the Norwegian securities market.